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REG 1 General

REG 1.1 Insurance Member institutions are responsible for the provision of appropriate insurance cover for their representative individual participants in all BUCS competitions. By entering into BUCS competitions an institution is agreeing to this requirement and indicating they are adequately insured with an active policy.

REG 1.2 Disclaimer BUCS cannot accept any liability for any death, accident, injury or loss of property sustained by a Board member, Executive Group member, Technical Representative or others acting on behalf of the Association.

REG 1.3 A breach of any BUCS regulations shall render the defaulting University liable to forfeit its place in the Championship in question.

REG 1.4 All BUCS regulations are determined by the BUCS Executive and subsequently endorsed by the Board.

REG 1.5 At any point, an issue not covered by BUCS regulations shall be referred to the BUCS Executive or the Board for a decision, depending on the nature of the query.


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