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REG 7 Team Selection and Team Sheets

Please note: Alleged team sheet contraventions require adherence to Playing Under Protest and standard appeal requirements, as outlined in REG 10.13 and REG 14.

The aim of team sheets is twofold; to manage and allow player movement between teams within the same sport in accordance with BUCS regulations (as per REG 7), and to ensure that those taking part in BUCS competitions are eligible in accordance with institutional and BUCS requirements (as per REG 6).

For additional guidance on player movement, see Appendix 6 (‘BUCS Player Movement Guide’). For additional guidance on team sheets and a copy of the BUCS Team Sheet Pro Forma, see Appendix 7 (‘BUCS Team Sheet Guide and Pro Forma’).

REG 7.1 Team selection

REG 7.1.1 All players must be from the same institution. This regulation applies to all teams in all BUCS sports.

REG 7.1.2 In team sports which incorporate competition below first team level, each team should be selected as though the other teams would be playing in a match of equal importance at the same time.

REG 7.1.3 It would be expected that the first team would always be the strongest team available to represent that institution with consideration to REG 7.1.4 - establishing ‘normally’.

REG 7.1.4 Teams must be selected as if all teams are playing on a given day, for example, if the first team does not have a match but the second team do, no players who would normally* represent the first team are eligible to play for the second team.

*Normally is defined by establishing the individual’s frequency and majority of fixtures played. Majority is established through league fixtures only, however this regulation still applies to knockout fixtures unless specifically stated otherwise. Consideration is also given to periods within which any variation from normal occurs for an individual.

REG 7.1.5 Medical exemptions Players returning from injury may be authorised to play for a lower tiered team by their AU for league fixtures only (not permitted for knockout competitions refer REG 7.2.2). A medical exemption form (completed and verified by an AU representative prior to fixture) must be presented with the team sheets at the league fixture in question and ‘M.E.’ written against the name(s) of the applicable player(s) to indicate their status. For a copy of a medical exemption form, please see Appendix 4 ('BUCS Medical Exemption Pro Forma').

REG Exemptions only apply to 1 league fixture in a lower tiered team while returning to fitness.

REG Period of absence A player may only be granted a medical exemption if they are returning following a period of absence from competition, they cannot take part in successive fixtures. I.e. they must have been unable to take part in a fixture due to injury prior to the medical exemption being required.

REG Multiple medical exemptions Where an individual requires an extended period to return to fitness, within a season, they will require the AU to apply to the BUCS office for clearance before the individual in question participates in any further fixtures. An extended period is considered to be anything beyond 1 fixture.

REG Medical professional Medical exemptions may only be applied if the return from injury is being overseen by an acceptable medical professional. AUs are advised that BUCS may request a formal letter from said medical professional(s) to verify the validity of the exemption. In doing so no confidential details will be required. Named medical professionals must therefore be prepared to confirm validity of the exemption.

REG Player permission The named player must be prepared to permit the treating medical professional identified on the medical exemption form to verify that they are;
a) Treating the individual, and
b) It is upon their medical advice the player is acting.

REG 7.1.6 Individuals may not play or be a substitute (playing or non-playing) for different teams in the same sport on the same date, but may play for a different team in a different sport on the same day.

REG 7.2 Knockout team selection Standard team selection regulations apply (REG 7.1) with the below additional restrictions specifically for knockout competitions.

REG 7.2.1 Knockout round-robins Teams may use an extended squad, including players from lower tiered teams at tournament style knockout competitions. However, once a player is named in the playing squad (starting or substitute) for more than 49% of tournament fixtures they are cup-tied and may not move back down to their ‘normal’ team (for example if the knockout round-robin consists of 4 games, a player may only play 1 game outside of their ‘normal’ team).

REG 7.2.2 Medical exemptions Medical exemptions are not permitted for knockout competition fixtures; i.e. a first team player returning from injury may not be granted a medical exemption to participate for a lower tiered team in ANY knockout competition within the same sport.

REG 7.3 Ring Fenced teams Ring Fenced teams will be denoted by their specific group being named in brackets, e.g. (Medics). Institutions wishing to have Ring Fenced teams must complete the 'BUCS Ring Fenced Teams Pro Forma' (Appendix 3) and return it to the BUCS office with their team entries each year. Teams failing to appropriately apply for teams to be designated as ring fenced will not be eligible to apply for the player movement exception outlined in REG 7.4.1.

REG 7.4 Forfeiture of higher tiered competition fixtures; Impact on lower tiered teams In all league matches and knockout round matches, the first team, or higher fixture, must be given priority should an institution be unable to fulfil its complete programme within each sport. Matches played in contravention of this regulation will be awarded to the opposition, or in certain circumstances, be voided. For example, an institution may NOT concede a walkover at second team level, while continuing to field a lower team on the same day.

REG 7.4.1 For possible exceptions to REG 7.4 due to ‘Ring Fencing’ of teams, refer to Appendix 3 ('BUCS Ring Fenced Teams Guide and Pro Forma').

REG 7.4.2 Involuntary walkovers may be granted if applied for in accordance with walkover regulations in REG 10 meaning that REG 7.4 would be suspended in some instances, for example on health and safety grounds. Application to suspend REG 7.4 must be made to the BUCS office in advance of affected fixtures.

REG 7.5 Team sheets All teams participating within the BUCS regular leagues format and the knockout competitions directly relating to those leagues are required to complete, have the opposition verify, and retain team sheets for each fixture. For a copy of a generic team sheet, see Appendix 7 ('BUCS Team Sheet Guide and Pro Forma').

REG 7.5.1 Individual events in which athletes are registered as individuals via the BUCScore entry system do not require team sheets, unless required specifically in the relevant BUCS sport specific regulations, entry information or pre-event information.

REG 7.5.2 Individual identification To enable verification that the participants are those listed, individuals are required to provide identification upon request. Such identification must be photographic, and ideally will take the form of a valid student card for their institution.

REG Individuals unable to provide identification, or verify eligibility, should be noted on the team sheet and clarification sought post-fixture with the appropriate AU representatives. Time and date stamped photographs should be taken on the day of the players in question in order to enable post-fixture verification. Any player refusing to have their photograph taken should be noted on the team sheet.

REG These photographs must be used only for the purpose of verifying eligibility. Misuse of these photographs could lead to disciplinary action.

REG 7.5.3 Athletic Union verification It is advised to avoid the need for verification post-fixture, where possible. Teams should provide in some form a players list that has been verified by their AU as showing only players who meet the eligibility requirements (internal and BUCS) to compete in BUCS competitions. Said list should be available at all fixtures for opposition perusal with team sheets.

REG Should team sheets be requested post-fixture to resolve a dispute and an AU be unable to provide adequate records to meet the request, they shall automatically lose any correlating appeal and may face further disciplinary action.

REG 7.5.4 Opposition verification Captains, or equivalent, must present the completed team sheet to their opposition pre-fixture, enabling cross referencing of identification and, if requested, eligibility documentation to be provided. The opposition must indicate any issues and sign the team sheet as sighted and complete any essential information.

REG Teams not completing team sheets adequately will not be able to appeal in this regard.

REG 7.5.5 Essential information The following essential information must be captured on each team sheet:
-    Fixture information
-    Player names
-    An indication that the players’ IDs have been sighted and verified by the opposition captain
-    An indication of any specific players to be queried further
-    Any players with a medical exemption (established by AU prior to fixture only) refer REG 7.1.5
-    Fixture result
-    If played under protest
Failure to capture the minimum information required may invalidate any appeal in this regard.

REG 7.5.6 NGB existing team sheets For sports where team sheets are used by the NGB, the NGB team sheet may be used but all essential information outlined in REG 7.5.6 must be captured. If it is not possible to capture all the essential information on the NGB supplied team sheet pro forma, teams should use an additional form.

REG 7.5.7 Retention Team sheets must be retained and available upon request until the official BUCS season close each year. The date of the BUCS season close will be the first day of BUCS Conference each year.

REG There must be a minimum of 2 copies of the team sheet, 1 for the home team and 1 for the away team.

REG 7.5.8 Institutions who fail to complete, and retain, team sheets will be subject to sanctions by BUCS as detailed in Appendix 11 ('BUCS Disciplinary Sanction Guidelines'). Spot checks will be conducted by the BUCS Office throughout the season to monitor compliance.

REG Spot checks may be conducted by NGBs. Where a possible contravention of this regulation is identified by an NGB, the matter shall be dealt with by the BUCS office.


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