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REG 8 Conditions of Play and Duration of Matches

REG 8.1 It is the responsibility of the host institution to provide the correct conditions and time availability for a match (as laid down in the rules and regulations, in the relevant sport specific regulations, or by the International or National Governing Body) to take place. This includes facilities (including appropriate changing rooms), equipment, first aid cover and playing time. This is especially prevalent in matches where extra time may be required.

REG 8.2 Access to facilities should be free of charge to competitors from away teams. Where charges exist they are the responsibility of the home team as part of its hosting obligations, unless stipulated in the sport specific regulations or agreed previously by the institutions involved.

REG 8.3 Institutions are responsible for conducting a health and safety risk assessment where they are host institution of a fixture or event. This should be made available, upon request, to the opposition.

REG 8.4 Artificial surfaces International Federation approved (certified) artificial pitches are permitted for use in all tiers of competition. If an artificial pitch is to be used with certainty, the home institution must communicate this and any restrictions on footwear, and other equipment, when confirming details with opposition (notice required is dependent on tier of competition and can be found in REG 10.5). If a fixture is scheduled to take place on a grass pitch BUT an International Federation approved (certified) artificial surface is available as an alternative should the grass pitch be deemed unplayable, the following shall apply:

REG 8.4.1 On the day ‘Back up’ The home institution must inform the opposition when confirming the fixture in writing that an artificial pitch is available as an alternative. Meaning, if the grass pitch is deemed unplayable on the day, the fixture will be moved to the artificial surface. Travelling teams must be informed of footwear and other equipment restrictions applicable to the artificial surface at this time.

REG 8.4.2 Grass unplayable in advance Should the grass pitch THEN be deemed as unplayable in advance of the fixture date the home side must confirm in writing that the match will be played on an artificial pitch. In these circumstances, once the fixture is confirmed as taking place on the artificial pitch it cannot be moved back to a grass pitch.

REG 8.5 The duration of all matches shall be as laid down for senior matches by the International Governing Body concerned, unless specifically indicated within the sport specific regulations.

REG 8.6 In normal circumstances, all matches should be completed as per REG 8.5 (note REG 8.10). However, in exceptional circumstances, and where the correct playing conditions have been satisfied, the duration of a match may be reduced with the written consent of both teams and the agreement of the match official where appropriate. Once agreement has been reached, the result from this fixture cannot be appealed.

REG 8.7 If agreement cannot be reached, and the duration of a match is reduced, the match should take place following the completion of a ‘Playing Under Protest’ form.

REG 8.8 For knockout fixtures, because a result must be obtained on the day of the fixture, attention must be paid to the sport specific regulations that apply when no result has been obtained at the end of scheduled game time.

REG 8.9 Regardless of start time, if the fixture is played in accordance with REG 8.6 the result will stand.

REG 8.10 Results from matches abandoned by the match official(s) before the completion of 75% of normal time as per REG 8.5 will not stand unless alternative provision is made under the sport specific regulations.

REG 8.11 BUCS reserves the right to adjust the duration of matches at centrally organised tournaments.


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