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REG 15 Misconduct/Bringing BUCS into Disrepute

REG 15.1 Every BUCS member institution and its clubs shall be responsible for ensuring that its players, officials and all persons purporting to be its supporters or followers conduct themselves in an orderly fashion whilst attending or taking part in BUCS competitions. They shall also be responsible for ensuring that its players, officials and all persons purporting to be its representatives do not conduct themselves in a way, or print/have published any material, which will bring the company into disrepute, including on social media platforms.

REG 15.1.1 Failure to adhere to this regulation may render the institution and its clubs liable to a charge of misconduct for failing to fulfil its said responsibilities and/or additional charge(s) of bringing BUCS into disrepute. Examples for which BUCS would deem an institution and its clubs liable to a charge of misconduct and/or bringing BUCS into disrepute are:
-    Violent, threatening, abusive, obscene or provocative, conduct or language;
-    Disregarding requests/instructions of Tournament Directors or appointed officials;
-    Encroachment on the playing area by spectators or unauthorised persons, save for reasons of safety;
-    Throwing missiles, bottles or other potentially harmful or dangerous objects at, onto or adjacent to the playing area.

REG 15.1.2 The consumption of alcohol or recreational drugs (in addition to substances covered under REG 6.5) will not be tolerated. Competitors at any event or fixture found to be consuming such substances will be automatically disqualified and may face further disciplinary action under this regulation.

REG 15.1.3 Where the conduct in question is solely that of a supporter or follower who is not a current member (whether player, coach, official, student or other member) of the member institution, that responsibility shall be absolved if the member institution can demonstrate to the satisfaction of BUCS and, if relevant, the BUCS Disciplinary Panel, that it had no reasonable means of controlling or advising on the conduct of the supporter or follower.

REG 15.2 Charges under REG 15 will be subject to the following process: 

REG 15.2.1 In the case of a member institution wishing to lodge a complaint against another; a written complaint (email or letter) must be sent to the BUCS office. Complaints of such a nature shall be regarded as FORMAL and must therefore be treated by all parties with the appropriate regard.

REG 15.2.2 There shall be no timeframe for BUCS receiving a complaint of this nature. However, dependent on the nature of the complaint, a valid reason for any considerable delay must be provided. If the timeframe is deemed unjustified, the complaint may be dismissed.

REG 15.2.3 BUCS will acknowledge receipt of said complaint in writing and may seek clarification of details/collection of evidence.

REG 15.2.4 BUCS will complete a standardised form summarising the accusation which will be forwarded to the accused institution, along with any supporting evidence.

REG 15.2.5 The accused institution shall have 7 days from receipt of the complaint to respond to the allegation.

REG If an offending institution fails to respond within the stated timeframe of REG 15.2.5 they shall lose the right to any further appeal.

REG 15.2.6 Disciplinary Panel The process will be overseen by the BUCS Sport Compliance, Governance and Competitions Manager and the Disciplinary Panel, which shall be comprised of:
-    BUCS Chair of Disciplinary
-    2 students or sabbatical officers of BUCS member institutions, subject to them not being from the same playing conference as either team involved in the dispute

REG 15.2.7 The Disciplinary Panel will convene in a timeframe appropriate to the allegations, with regard to impact on future fixtures and the ability of parties to provide written evidence or representation at the hearing.

REG 15.2.8 Decision Decisions reached by the Disciplinary Panel shall be communicated in person, immediately following the conclusion of the hearing. The decision will be emailed out to the institution(s) within 48 hours of the hearing taking place. Only the decisions of the Panel shall be minuted, and not any discussion.

REG 15.2.9 The respondent can request a Final Appeal in order to appeal against one or more of the following:
-    The verdict
-    The penalty
-    The process

REG 15.2.10 Institutions wishing to lodge a Final Appeal would then follow the process as stipulated in REG 14.10.

REG 15.3 BUCS can bring its own charge of misconduct/bringing BUCS into disrepute against a member institution. This will follow the same process from REG 15.2.4 – REG 15.2.10.

REG 15.4 Institutions may be prevented from entering further competitions/events in the same sport where a disciplinary charge has been brought and the matter has not been brought to a conclusion.


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