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Baseball & Softball

Baseball & Softball

Baseball and Softball offer a broader sports experience for the students at University. The social nature of the sports is perfect for the student environment. BSUK has a number of opportunities for university students to get involved in the sports.

A summary of these opportunities are below with further information available on the left hand side of this page.

University Baseball/Softball Officer: BUCS have been working in partnership with BaseballSoftball UK to create a university Baseball/Softball Officer role aimed at getting more students into the sport. The student officers are able to gain access to training and BSUK qualifications relevant to their role, direct  support from BSUK development staff and stash to promote and assist the role. 

Hit the Pitch: Hit the Pitch is BSUK's participation programme, designed to attract new participants to  baseball and softball. Universities is a key area of this initiative with specific resources and support available to the development of baseball and softball in the HE sector in 3 areas - DAY, TEAM and LEAGUE. 

The key element of it is that the university will receive BaseballSoftballUK staff support and funding to help set up either a new baseball and softball programme, club, or intra-mural league. Baseball and Softball within UK universities has grown significantly year on year over the past 6 years and the sport fits a wide range of student athlete types, with it being particularly suited to social and recreational play given its a mixed gender and inclusive nature. 

BaseballSoftballUK also runs a University Baseball/Softball officer programme which aims to support students in a volunteer role to develop the sports, working closely with university's staff. BaseballSoftballUK would love to work with universities to develop baseball and softball. 

University Case Studies: there are a number of universities that are working with BSUK who are using baseball or softball to broaden the reach of students participating in sport within their institutions. Case Studies are available to read from Loughborough University, University of Chichester and Oxford Brookes University. 

LUSL Softball: Softball has appeared in the LUSL competition for the first time as a one off tournament in 2017-18. The LUSL management group will be reviewing plans alongside BSUK on developing further opportunities. 

National University Championships: BSUK have established the National University Softball  and Baseball Championships. The bi- annual events takes place at the national facility at Farnham Park in Buckinghamshire. Further information will be made available later in the year. 

Register your interest for 2018-19

If you are interested in the Baseball/Softball Officer role for 2018/19 you will need to complete the following application form
For further information on any of the above programmes and events or to discuss developing Baseball or Softball at your university please contact Chris Rawlings, Head of Development at BaseballSoftballUK or Amy Seaman, Development Manager at BUCS.


BSUK National University Softball Championship - 2014

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